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My Intro -where I’m playing with WP

4/10/2018 – OK – so when I say ‘playing’ I really mean ‘overthinking,’ with a dash (mos.) of procrastination for added flavor – behind the scenes, of course. You may be asking yourself, “What’s this site/blog about?” Well, I am too! HA! Equal parts —  memoir & sipping lukewarm coffee from vintage floral teacups….   nature hikes & pics, rescued pets, the care & feeding of grandkids, random crafts & recipes, product recommendations, retirement planning, minimalism and preparing for an RV nomadic lifestyle (how do I tag – TinyTrailerLiving).  Also, some of my original fiction  & discussions of other books/authors/TV/Film (paranormal, horror & true crime).

Under “Grandma Auburn’s Emporium” I sell family-friendly gifts and apparel featuring simple, heart-felt designs. Connect with me on FB at Grandma Auburn’s Place.

And a massage thrown in for goodness sake!…   because I’m an MT by trade, nurturer by nature and creative introvert from birth. Welcome to Indiana 🙂  and my unconventional mid-life crisis in the Midwest! I’m Jen – Nice to meet you!

Today, I’m just trying to keep the wheels from fallin’ off…. literally. On the 4 mile round trip to the vet, Krogers and back, the van lost one lug nut and another was  hanging on by a thread ;-D – le sigh. Two positives marked off the TO-DO List: Ziggy the terrier has trimmed nails and was hardly traumatized.  And the State of Indiana can choke on the money order, ’cause Taxes. R. Dun!



Writer, blogger, merch designer, nature lover, Grandma

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