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Entirely too much coffee (and hope)

It’s been a good while since the ole brains were still thinking ‘serious business thoughts’ after 10pm. Caffeine-induced anxiety is a thing. You don’t mind if wind down here, do ya? Scribbling on tomorrow’s list…. the lessons learned today. One of mine was learning to say ‘no’ over time. (Even if it’s people close to me)  Without feeling horrid about it. What was yours? {It would be great to wake up to some comments!}

Well, I’m whipped, like sweet cream. So, sweet dreams!! I need to do some stretches on the floor and veg out with some true crime on YouTube. Or some such. Till then, friends and confidants (confidantes{?} good grief) – “Hope looks bigger as you approach it.” – GmaAuburn (image-jsm/Gma)


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