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Tired, Restless, Crazy Cat Lady

Today was just full of promise… until about midnight, last night. – Le Sigh.

You know the drill: Hubby tossed, so I turned. Between him and a fat cat trapping me in the covers, plus leg cramps, DONE came at 3am. The cat (Jasper) then crapped in the hallway right after I laid down on the couch. That evidently prompted the dog (Ziggy) to stand at the door with ‘the look’. . .  dangit…

(At least I don’t have any foster pets right now)

By 4, I gave up and started a pot and eased into several hours of research. Though I jotted some notes, I’m sure none of it stuck.  It feels like it’s 6 pm, when in reality it’s only 2:30pm at the TinyTrailer at the moment.  I have a rough time catching a decent nap, ever.  for 5 to 7 phone calls daily –  I really do need turn the ringer OFF and the alarm ON…  But for a business owner, a member of the sandwich generation (is that what they call it??) and a trucker’s wife, missing a call is actually kinda scary.

There IS hope for this afternoon.  PLEASE SEE  BELOW –>>  The next three design releases here are all CAT TEE SHIRTS. YaY!! I was going to release them on my new Instagram account, but alas, I didn’t have the wherewithal to start something new today.  Please follow, share and like. Find me FB, too.

rescue cat, cat mom, cat dad, Halloween cat, cats tails, pet rescue volunteer, arts and cats, cats eyes tee shirt           all designs/pics c. 2007-2018 gmaauburn/jsm

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