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Spring Cleaning – Mentality

(Subtitled – Challenge yourself to a month of purging the clutter today! )

I may need more than sage and all purpose cleaner to get this ship into shape.  Does anyone else watch hoarding shows as a motivational kick in the butt??

Last summer I took part in a Minimalist Challenge. {I highly recommend it with a friend or group}  For a few months after the challenge, the inertia dwindled. By fall, I kinda crashed and burned. Winter lobbed it’s own challenges at me; where I fought to work through some tough issues. Mental cleaning & purging may not as tangible as bowing bookshelves, eBay leftovers or dead relatives’ trinkets, but it’s just as important. Inner work lets us continue on with the ‘outer.’

Now the Spring cycle comes, f.i.n.a.l.l.y. and hopefully… I’m a wiser being for the trials during hibernation. Thankful to the Gods that there wasn’t backsliding. Thankful too, for endings as much as beginnings.

Whelp, friends and confidantes, surround yourself with things & thoughts [& people!] YOU. LOVE. NOW!! – ‘Cause the rest is takin’ up wa-a-y too much room in our heads and in our houses. Clear some space for more creativity and learning.   I have entirely too much going on this month to participate in a challenge daily.  BUT Forward in fits & spurts” is a viable motto 🙂 at least in my case!

So-o-o today is May Day 2018.   Will you dive in??

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