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Knowing When to Step Away?

Do you think that sometimes, a new thing is waiting to happen, but you have to let go of the old thing completely?  Is the struggle for the old thing worth the prize? Is it a buoy or an anchor? Why hang on? Will it grow or shrink, fill or drain you- tomorrow or in a month? Take-aways from today’s contemplation; some tangible, some not so much.   Although details need sorted, the old thing will be finished. Cut ties. The ending is getting ugly and stupid. And I have no interest in the outcome of…anything at this point.  The side I’m on is my own. The old thing is not my path forward anymore.

Whelp Friends & Confidantes: Thanks for listening, cryptic as it may have sounded to most. Maybe less so later. Cheers to 10 years… On to fresh & colorful adventures!


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