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Social Media Time Suck and How to Get Unstuck

(Subtitled – A 21 day experiment)

For 3 weeks now, I’ve limited my time on social media. Took a while before that, to ease into it. FB sucked me in this winter, holed-up in my office.  Personal epiphanies include; care more about myself than all the input scrolling by. Also, immerse and enjoy myself in the daily ‘hands-on’ activities/hobbies of life.

It was a bit like snappin’ the rubber band. The mantra that makes one set the phone back down without opening the app.

Free time begets it’s own issues. A new “routine” isn’t going to just creep up from the basement and scare the crap out of  procrastination. Nope. You have to coax it up the stairs.

I started small, really. Change my ‘scenery,’ and No checking phone in the afternoon/evening (about 5 hours) while cleaning, dinner, and family time happened.  As a replacement, I downloaded a word brain game on the tablet in the kitchen. (got out of the office) On the Chromecast, I binged watched Gordon Ramsey for the first week. Colored mandalas. Life felt a tad off-kilter.

Second week. Kilter still tilted, bursts of high anxiety when I gave several mornings over to staring at the feed. On the Laptop: compose/post/read/repeat. Stop. just hit the X. Stand up. Walk out of the room. Stand aimlessly in another room until anything else speaks louder. Repeat as necessary. Creativity peeked up the stairwell. Binged hoarding shows. Downloaded another game.

Third week, limited again to before lunchtime. And No FB on the tablet at all. (so roughly an 8-9 hr chunk of the day)  I had less of a problem convincing myself to tackle some deep cleaning. Pursued some old ideas and confidently nixed others. Without realizing it, I’d sort of divided my day into quarters. Had more ideas and energy with the grandchild’s overnight play-date. Also, creativity in design & marketing felt less… restricted. Of which, I’m sure I’d invented. And as a result, doubled my output for the week. Finally, maybe ‘routine’ IS almost out of the basement, and procrastination is on it’s way out the front door.

None of the above is based on a book. Just a snip of life lived while reading the ‘self-help’ section. As I get *ehem older, I don’t jump neck deep into anything. I go easy. sleep on it. Set small goals and try not to  dwell on past stumbles. Breath thru one entire minute.  Whatever moves me forward to create a sense of relief, stasis or doesn’t make my ulcer hurt- is The. Next. Right. Step.

or “Do what you can where you stand.”  G’night Friends & Confidantes! -Gma A. is 10-4 over&out  – Visit Grandma Auburn’s Emporium – Designs almost as adorable as those dang kitten memes.


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