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Remington Typewriters, Linear Time and Mom

My mom had 2 typewriters that I can remember growing up. One, I recall the Remington logo- from the late 20’s, maybe??  It was kinda burgundy.  I don’t know if they were manufactured in that color, but I wouldn’t have put it past her to have painted it with nail polish. She was crafty that way. She was also in the secretarial pool back in the day.** Somebody’s Girl Friday with matching shoes and lipstick who typed 85+ wpm.

The love of all things writing I glommed from her. The hoarding of paper and pens, used books, the smell of printer’s ink. My cheerleader in the delicacy of language… AND the 4 ton, Burgundy Remington MANUAL Typewriter-> complete with carriage return, ribbon, and those stylish, circular keys.  It was THE catalyst for so much.  Mom instilled in my eighth grade self, “Take typing next year. If you ever need something to fall back on, you can always type for somebody.” That was early 1980’s.

And I’ve been “typing for somebody” ever since.

**After having ‘typed for somebody” for 40+ years, Mom passed away at home from ovarian cancer.   “She had the gourmet kind.” they’d said. Only 8% get it. Like it was an honor or an elite prize. I. can’t. even.  -30-

That whole ‘linear time’ thing. Sometimes it’s more circular, like those stylish Remington keys. Our Moms look down on us, as we pass all that we’ve learned along to the next generation. Maybe it’s morphed -become digitized… Like computers… {and your grandchildren are teaching YOU) and then on Mother’s Day 2018 you see an advert for a new product; A tiny upright typewriter -but with USB ports, tablet friendly and it has circular keys… (does it make the ‘carriage return noise’?)…. and all is right with the world ;-D

So Friends and Confidantes;  holidays pass, events end; and Grandmas miss their moms too, but the love & learning is infinite.  Make every keystroke count -Grandma Auburn – The Emporium

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