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Back from the Brink Monday

REGROUPING after daughter’s reception. It went great! I over-worried and over-bought. (picnic style: $250/30 ppl but only 20 ate, so extras were divided) We decompressed on Sunday. Had to help sort out some misfortune this morning, and visited with an elder. WHEW!

Creativity is struggling to burst out. Well, more like I’m trying to wrangle it in the right direction soon. If it goes off on a tangent, that’s wasted hours before hubby gets home. Not good. At least I’ve already cleaned out the fridge and started updating the schedule remaining for May.

Friends and Confidantes -Lasso your scattered thoughts for the week. put ’em in your phone, scribble them somewhere. Get a pulse on some baselines. Keep them in your face. Toss in some goals and stir well.  The end of the week is my Birthday! Yay! Determined to get square since falling short of last week’s quota {in 2 areas}. Let the caffeinated early mornings and late nights continue!

How’s your week lookin’? Are you determined or off on a tangent?

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