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Trucking, Insurance and Sleep Apnea Tests

Trucker resources for Sleep Apnea.  Hopefully helpful for out-of-pocket expenses. I’ve listed several places with both Sleep Apnea Tests and/or Equipment at reasonable prices.  I did find a hidden cost or two. Here are my results. (NONE of which is medical advice from Gma Auburn!)

Insurance through hubby’s employer doesn’t cover tests that some truckers are required to take due to several health factors.  Recently stressed-out by the Dr. issuing a short term health card, I started searching. While you pay (out-of-pocket in some cases) to be tested overnight; the next step is paying even more for the CPAP machine and supplies. Have you priced one of these things?? Good Grief! DRIVERS: There are travel ones, too!

****BELOW is a summary of my recent research into several online companies and purchasing, out-of-pocket an overnight, at-home Sleep Test for my Trucker. Please compare each website and call them with questions.

((PS: Must meet 3 Criteria to be limited to 90 days temp Health Card – according DOT Doctor’s Paperwork (ie – Concentra in our case) – 1. Over 50   2. BMI greater than 35   3A. Have either high blood Pressure, Hypothyroidism &/or Diabetes   {3B ?? Mallampati class 3 or 4 }   4. Neck circ. greater than 17″ Males or 16″ Females   5. symptomatic daytime sleepiness, snoring witnessed apnea etc.   6.  Has fallen asleep while driving … there may be others))

30-90 days once a driver is diagnosed positive for sleep apnea, and begins: 4 hours of use per night and 70% (or 21 days out of 30) of the time.

Ionmysleep: no longer offers at-home tests. However, does has a nice selection of CPAP machines, supplies and equipment. Accepts insurance. Read their 100% price protection under “Why Us.”

SingularSleep Home sleep test : $295.00 – that includes -Rental of equipment for 2 nights, review and interpretation of the final sleep study data by a board-certified sleep doctor. Plus: A formal sleep apnea test report that includes your apnea-hypopnea index (AHI), final diagnosis, and diagnostic codes <–(Snippet from their site)_  great explanations throughout.

Phoenix Sleep Solutions:  PH: 1-800-371-0651  No prices listed, but they want you to fill out an online form, but it didn’t look secure! (might be my puter) *F.A.S.T = Fast, Affordable Sleep Test.  Pamphlet for Phoenix Sleep was stapled to hubby’s ‘prescription’ for the sleep apnea test. An agent called me back within half an hour. Her explanations were VERY thorough and helpful!!  $250.00 for the overnight test.  $620.00 for the CPAP kit/package to get you started – should your results be positive for Obstructive Sleep Apnea, and you need ongoing care.

CPAPmyway: At-home test – $195.00they will apply the cost of the test toward the cost of one of their CPAP packages. Website is clean and easy to navigate.  Has video demo, sells CPAP equipment & supplies.  ($449.00/CPAP machine. or a starter kit *$695.00+/ TRAVEL Pkgs too- * but prices vary). I left a message online. Friendly and quick to respond by email.  {I DID order this test for my driver! (It should be here today) A company rep called soon after to confirm some details and answer questions. Thumbs up for that 🙂 } I will blog more about this as the saga continues.

Myhomesleeptesting: $169.00Test only.  As of this writing they do NOT sell CPAP machines, supplies, etc. Clean, streamlined, secure site. (May only service Florida?)

Aeroflow Home Sleep Test: $149.00 currently – This is a snippet from a question they answered on their site: “The Home Sleep Test does not include a prescription. If you test positive for sleep apnea, you will be connected with our physician for a $55 consult fee through a TeleMed app on a smart device or computer in order to obtain a prescription.” 

Cheap CPAP Supplies : No at-home testingHowever, Machines, supplies and a great selection of other therapeutic products also. Will help you qualify through insurance.

NovaSom, Inc.: Delivers results wirelessly.  Lots of words, but very little hard information on the site. (or I was tired of scanning) 24/7 assistance. The difficult-to-understand operator quoted 3 nights at-home test $297.00.  (which is reasonable!) Plus or minus if your insurance covers at all. I didn’t ask about one night or other specifics. No sleep testingHowever, a HUGE selection & great prices on CPAP/APAP equipment and supplies. (depending on your needs & choices)

Usually free shipping to receive and send back the testing equipment. -BUT – heads up – if you keep it longer than 2 days, some places will charge late fees.  {this post is a summary of my findings –Please check each site’s policies and YOUR: Insurance, employer reimbursement?,  your doctors, and any regulations for your unique situation.}

Friends and Confidantes: Thank A TRUCKER today.  – Here’s to all the drivers who safely transport all the stuff to all the places for all the people under all the conditions… and Huge Grandma Hugs to the loved ones who keep life rollin’ while they’re away.

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From our OTR Archives – 08/16/16:  Gonna try to deliver in Baton Rouge this morning. Jasper is not worried. He is his own flotation device

Picture: Jasper the OTR Fat Cat-  Sleeping on the dashboard of a Big Rig HA! #truckingdaze #truckerpets #truckerswife







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