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Grilling Corn in the Husk – Outdoor Recipe

corn on the grill

Charcoal Grill or Campfire Wood Method – Pre-fired. Optional: Soak and add hickory/mesquite chips

**Soak time: 1 hour **Prep time: 20 min **Cook time: 40 min approx

6 -Ears corn on the cob – in the husk {*quickfire, no husk method at the bottom}

1 hour – Soak whole ears in a bucket or sink of water

6 sheets – heavy duty tin foil

1 tsp. – butter or margarine per ear – plus: salt, pepper or your favorite spices

*After an hour of soaking, peel (shuck) down just one SIDE of the corn husks -> *but don’t tear it all the way off – {Remove and discard all the corn silk from around the top of the corn.} Re-cover the corn with the husks after smearing on the butter and spices.

*Wrap each ear separately in tin foil.

Place on grill grate or directly on/near hot coals/embers.  1/4 turn after roughly 10 mins depending on your heat source. after fully rotating 30-40 mins. Foil will turn dark brown/black from the embers in places, that’s OK.   Ears are hot all the way thru, steamed with butter and spices and has absorbed some smoky-ness, too. BONUS TIP – Cook these FIRST -then leave ears in their wraps while you grill the meat and veggies, Corn will remain quite hot for about 45 minutes.

*quickfire, no husk method– to grill corn on the cob bare -without aluminum foil.  {remove all husks, silk} Smear butter and spices on corn on the cob. Grill on grate at least 4-5 inches above flames. 1/4 turn every 4-5 minutes. Reapply butter, oil or BBQ sauce to your liking.  20 minutes and a few grill marks later, plate and serve!

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