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It’s Own Sweet Time

A life lesson full circle. Several months ago, I put it out to the Universe and a chosen few in my Professional Massage Therapists Group; that I’d like someone to take over the group as acting admin. Built it from scratch eight years ago. It morphed to 850+ members. It was a passionate, decade-long, therapeutic career that I dearly loved.

But my need to step away from the group has been brewin’ for a while. Winding down. I wrote obtuse, anxious words previously here and here. And then I waited and listened.

For four months… And I was surprisingly patient. Finally – bein’ this old has it’s perks 😉  A few close friends and family knew. Listened to me whine, be prideful, confused and sad. Letting go of control came in stages.  I didn’t want to archive the group. It’s strong and vocal. Didn’t want to link it to anything/one else.- It’s independent, dangit! So I searched posts and profiles. Someone I thought could take the group to a level above.  My answers came a few nights ago: two members agreed by private message. They are capable, trusted MTs and business owners. Mad respect for both.  Relief! I am confident and pleased with ‘the hand-off’ of the group. A weight has lifted.

I’m still a ‘silent partner,’ and massage will always be at my fingertips, Friends and Confidantes. ;-D  But it’s time to shine light on a new era here at the TinyTrailer…

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