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Your Own Company

Haven’t been around in a hot minute. 3 people on the internet missed me. HA! That’s OK, I like my own company. And sometimes one must weed out the company one keeps.

“…The forest for the trees”

In the last 2 weeks I’ve “taken control of the scroll.” On FB {and across life in general}: Unfriended some old acquaintances, peeps who’s purpose is politics, the ones who whine, and 2 dozen others for varied reasons….  Well now, that’s MUCH better. (from 125 ish to 65 ish friends) Pitched a lil bitch. Deleted it. Felt good- Ha!

A Crisis on Unnamed Side Roads: I’m not quite up to par yet, from life giving me a swift kick in the gut recently, either. Exhaustion has crept in- bone deep. No work.  Little food. Strength comes back slowly.   Mending.

Dig in with all fours, Friends and Confidantes – sometimes those forest roads are slippery.  – Gma Auburn, staying true


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