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And A Lively Harmonica Ballad

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Took a drive out to my daughter’s place a couple weekends ago. 4 year old granddaughter “Z” -flies around the kitchen in the bat mask I brought. (Grandma Auburn always brings something!) Took a few blurry pictures. I admire her Apple Festival haul, too. Then she finds her harmonica and it’s “Gramma watch!   Gramma listen!”   “GRA-MMA Come ON!”

And I do… prancing and dancing (more or less) behind my miniature pied piper. Through the halls of the old farmhouse. Hopping over the resting pitbull. (Who has heard it all before; and IN FACT has accompanied us with a flute in her collar.)

We queue up Blues Traveler (John Popper). Cast it to the TV and she’s THERE in her own musical crazy-ness!  I was swept up in the moment and began to sing along…

And then, “Gramma, stop singing when I play the ‘monica. OK?”

In my head: You little rascal. I knew this song before you were born….

And I shut up;  ’cause the little musician said so  😉 Grandma Auburn needed a break anyway, whew!  -30-


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