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Life, Grief and Caregivers Pt 1

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Pink Rose Close Up

8 weeks ago…..

♦Life: So far, 2019 has not been gentle to my extended family. Illness. Loss and more loss.

{Even my Grand Pit Bulls have gone missing for over a month now.}

Early this year, my Dad buried his brother.

My husband lost his mom.

♦Life:  Yet there’s been wonderful cousins and in-law reunions. Mourn in one room; Smile in another.

♦Grief:  We’ve all had the family discussion/dilemma at one point (or several times) – Do we take off work to go see ________ while they’re still kinda OK? Do we wait and go to the funeral? Do we take the kids outta school and make two trips? Do we even have enough money left on this paycheck to make the journey?  Does _______ need to step up and be a caregiver? Does the caregiver need help? … Here’s the way I look at it: If your heart calls you to it, go do it. Or; do the thing you only get to do- once.

♦Caregivers:  ….And that’s how a dozen of us all swarmed in at my Sister-in-Law’s house {twice} recently.  There was cooking, cleaning, crying and compassion; dovetailed with lots of laundry, laughter and memories.  (A Pale Horse… Pt 2 here)

… And that’s what we have to hang onto, Friends and Confidantes. – Grandma Auburn





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