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I was raised by a 50’s housewife

(… in the 70’s.)  Subtitled: How I raised a more-or-less-well adjusted child in the 90’s 😉

Pondering the past few days on how US society has changed since the 50’s. (Watched a few documentaries.)

The Radio was my parents’ only entertainment and news. (Though Dad also bought Bel-Air brand new -when he was 20) They saw war and were without. Then came Black & White TV sitcoms & commercials. The wife whirling around in her new Whirlpool kitchen, making dinner pressing clothes, etc. (Redneck history lesson HA!)

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I was born later in my parents lives; so I grew up in the 70’s/80’s. As a pre-teen, I was acutely aware of the 60’s kids vs. what was thought of as still ‘proper.’ Yet growing up in the country, it hardly mattered. As a child, I asked about ‘old timey’ things and my only ‘cultural experience’ was American Band Stand and Soul Train. Don’t laugh! I wanted to marry Grizzly Adams or Kwai Chang Caine {or Jodie Foster.}

Fast forward to the 90’s: Desert Storm started while I was pregnant. Oprah helped me with sage advice, every day at 4 o’ clock. She taught me that I could be a strong person. Raise a strong daughter, no matter how I was raised. Pick my battles. {Purple hair wasn’t one of ’em… curfew, low grades and partying was.} I was, and still am- one of those ‘explaining type moms’… but every once in a while, I’ll admit I’d slam a chair down for emphasis. Never hit her, though. Because from generation to generation, that needed changing.

I taught her to be curious and courteous. Be a friend. Harm none. Seek out other like-minded personalities. Listen in earnest. Don’t shun anyone. Know you can be on your own.

I let her be silly and serious and ‘talk it out.’ Go with friends to this church and to the dance with another. March for a cause. Pause between boyfriends. [the ‘sex talk’ was hilarious] Also- NOT drive like your father when he gets cut off’. And finally… Be weird on a budget!

That’s all I got tonight. If this post wasn’t what you thought it was going to be – ME neither! Sometimes it happens that way. It’s been a long day. My daughter is teaching me Instagram. I guess ya don’t just add water. HA! Night. Gma.


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