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I get older. Tech gets more techy.


♥Forgive me. As I continue to improve this page, sometimes the settings are smarter than I am… ie: I’ve been missing comment notifications. Yikes!   Truly, I’d love to hear from you!  Let’s get to know each other. I’ll supply the vintage cups; if you’ll pour the tea.

Grandma Auburn


Writer, blogger, merch designer, nature lover, Grandma

9 thoughts on “I get older. Tech gets more techy.

    1. HI Dutch! I enjoy green tea with peppermint, or cinnamon & honey. – Yes learning… thanks for being the first person ever to comment on a post some months ago. That meant the world to me.


            1. The only tea I make ‘by scratch’ is Sassafras. Made from the peeling and boiling the root.
              KAVA tea (I buy it- Yogi – Stress Relief brand) will settle anxiety. Try it, but look up side effects – If I remember, too much can be harsh on your stomach or liver.

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