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Doggie Doodie

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Backyard Blossoms

This is one of those “Aw, Crap!” posts. First, I didn’t realize some blogs are ‘award free.’ Yikes! Color me embarrassed.  I haven’t finished the commenting portion for a couple Mystery Bloggers I nominated yesterday; finishing shortly, cautiously. Sorry!

New Pup News:  She already poops bigger than the last dog did! My stash of Dollar General bags is dwindling. Most of the toys/leashes we bought her are too small.  She thinks her water bowl is a swimming hole. I gave her a dog bed, she wrestles with it like WWF. She ate a whole bag of baby carrots in 2.5 days. AND she got me to run with her- kinda. That ain’t easy for an old broad! HA!

On a sober note… we’ve suspected some kind of abuse in her short past. Among other things: She’s growling, with fur up, at anyone who comes near us on walks O.0 More on this as we keep training and reassuring her.

On the home front: Hubby is home. Trucking is slow. He’s not up to par anyway. But the paycheck won’t be, either. Crap!  He’s walking the pup often, so that’s a big help.

Lilacs in sunshine 4 Grandma Auburn Designs 5-2019.jpgNext- I need to take my Dad some dinner; and to doctors’ appointments this week and next. I’m gettin’ a tad cagey about those. A couple weeks ago I screwed up and missed one of his appointments. He was upset and sorta freaked. I felt rotten about it. Almost 50, I’m still trying to be a good daughter.

Friends and Confidantes,  I’m overdue for a little get away. – Gma Auburn {Jen} – Knows where her marbles are… same place her coffee’s hidin’…



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8 thoughts on “Doggie Doodie

  1. No worries! I’m the designated “Go hold Mom’s emotional hand” when she’s sick or grumpy or bored… Also the designated Hospice AIde when we get there – so I get it. I’m sorry about the loss of your Mom. *hugs*
    As for off-spring? I’m pet sitting for my daughter for heaven’s sake! It seems like they only call or text when there’s something needed, even if it’s common sense. You never stop being a parent, so I guess you never stop being a child? Great… Now this child wants an “adult beverage”, LOL.
    Vent away – I’m a good listener.

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    1. … “even if it’s common sense.” BAHAHA! Good one! You pet-sit too! Future hugs now, for hospice later. I’m the sister ‘without a career’ …or a schedule, evidently. Thanks for the paragraphs and the offer; LIKEWISE for you as well!


  2. Isn’t being in the “sandwich generation” fun?? NOT!

    Take some time for you – you have value beyond words, especially as the Mom of a new and possibly abused fur child. Hang in there – things are going to improve.

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    1. ‘Zactly! Moms don’t really get a break when kids move out. I’m still the sounding board, advice giver, back up sitter and occasional food pantry. Then- we lost my mom 7 years ago. It takes me and my 2 sisters to keep our Dad on track… and you KNOW 2 doctors’ appointments turn into 4…

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