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Moving Part 4: Small Town Possibilities?

Several ‘floating’ criteria come into play around midnight when I’m trolling  Some of which are our current and future side gigs. Hubby is a woodworker so he needs an outbuilding or garage, and I need an office, of course.

Coffee Mug Garden SeedsI’ve being looking across four counties, hoping for enough indoor/outdoor yard space to dog sit & have gardens, and chickens. Within an hour’s commute & under our price limit. There’s nothing that isn’t ‘handyman special,’ too close to Indianapolis (YUK!)… or on back roads with no phone service, that won’t see a snowplow for days.

Alternate plans forward: We are thinking it’s not our time yet, for a county homestead. We have to live with this decision for the next decade. We’d rather wait than compromise; or go too far in debt. 6 months of not quite right. Yikes! 5 months left till our lease is up here, and we ain’t stayin’ — Time for a new strategy.

Lilly in bloomWe’ve been revisiting the possibilities of  ‘small town life.’ Some pros… So many 2 story old Victorian style/Farm Houses listed as 4 bed/2 bath– just off the main street. Luscious dark woodwork within; begging to be loved up with Murphy’s oil soap. 😉 Cupboards and closets for miles. Neighborhoods with shade trees and bisecting sidewalks. I don’t dislike sidewalks.  Or neighbors for that matter. I could plant a both English and veggie gardens while he builds fences.

More than double the house in square foot, but smaller lot than we wanted {although bigger than we have now!}. Some traffic noise, but away from the city scurry. Closer to weekend attractions and small colleges. Solid and well built. City utilities & wifi/phone connectivity are a plus.

Alternate Side Gigs: Pet friendly air B&B? Maybe rent out an extra room & bath! A corner lot will be handy for hubby to display and sell his woodwork projects, too. Other ticks on the ‘plus’ side – Basement! Friendly community chatter page. Covered porches for rainy days, potted plants and corralling Border Collies. 😉 20-25 min to family and groceries & 40 min to work is reasonable. So are the house prices {even though a few updates are needed}. We’ll be viewing at least one mammoth place this Saturday. I’m excited for the possibilities!


I try not to complain in length or detail, but Friends and Confidantes, we are sick of this trailer park! There’s a racetrack across the street and moderate traffic from 7am till 7 pm in front of our place. There’s also two side roads that run within 6 feet on either side of the trailer into the park. I chose it because it had a covered porch and huge tree. It was meant to be temporary. –“3 years tops” is closing in fast – Gma Auburn {Jen}

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7 thoughts on “Moving Part 4: Small Town Possibilities?

  1. I had no idea you were in Indy! Oh my, we lived in Indy for years until we spent a couple of years looking for another place. Looking for a new to you home is awful! Sending lots of happy and helpful thoughts your way.

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    1. No kidding!? Yup we are one county west of Georgetown & 56th street. Tethered to his job for the next 10 years. An hour commute in the winter becomes 90 minutes. and that’s just crazy. Where did you go after moving from Indy?


      1. oh my goodness that is a very, very long commute! we are south of Indy………and now that we are here we realized we did not go far enough and plan to move in another 5 years, much further away from the city. but, we have lived in many places around Inday and the Westside around 10th street.

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        1. You’re SO near me- as the crow flies! Indy does tend to creep outward! We were raised in northern Indiana. Came to the Indy area in 2006. Been house hunting off & on for 6 years. I’m ok if we have to make 2 jumps to get further away, eventually. One ‘paycheck house’ at a time.

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  2. Oh, I HEAR this. Renting is the pits, and trying to find that home is so much blasted work – especially if your realtor tries to push up your price point. Wishing you the success and the home that ticks all the boxes.

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    1. Thanks! We remodeled 2 homes back in the day. We were young and spry back then. I’m not up to running a saw while he’s on the roof anymore. But we can still rip out a bathroom and update cupboards. Our realtor is very cool! Getting older at least gives us some patience, perspective and a wide range of adaptability!

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