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Moving part 5: Foresight and the Sandwich Generation

Do you worry what will happen when your parents can’t care for themselves? Are your grown kids one paycheck away from loosing their place?

Though I tend to fret more than most; I am house hunting with these ‘what ifs” at the back of my mind. I feel I need to have Plan B in place, just in case there’s a scenario…

If hubby gets hurt or sick, can I still swing the house payments and take care of him? {hence the freshly-hatched possibility of a pet friendly B&B in the previous post.}

Working smarter, not harder is beginning to take on new meaning, Friends and Confidants. Am I smart enough, energetic enough, and driven enough to pull this off for the next decade? I don’t know. – Gma Auburn {Jen} Just typing out loud…

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2 thoughts on “Moving part 5: Foresight and the Sandwich Generation

  1. I hear you. Isn’t the sandwich generation delightful? On one hand, my kids are fairly solid. On the other, I know I’ll be taking time to spend with at least one parent to allow them the option of passing away in their own home. At the moment, I’m trying to get back into school, so that if something happens to my husband, rent can still be met. It’s ugly – and not where I expected to be at this time in my life. We just have to think creatively, and positively.

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    1. Good luck going back to school! I barely made it through massage school. I think when we buy a house I won’t feel so skittish and transient. We didn’t have a home for the 2 years living on the truck. It WAS our home. We lost almost everything. (Dad’s back porch was ‘home’ when we got days off.) It’s hard to let go of that “the sky is falling” feeling. Like our family isn’t OK unless I have everything worked out in my head before hand. So yes, I agree… holding on to positive… plus staying in the now. In fact! We found a house just this morning that we both agreed to put an offer on. YaY!

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