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Moving: Part 10b- Manic Mon…err Tuesday

What day is it anyhow?  Well, I’ll tell ya… yesterday when I said I felt like I was 3 days behind and missing something?? YUP- It’s the day I find financial documents the loan guy sent on the 24th. {in my spam folder} The deadline is today. Good Grief.

0602021422aAnd now I’m waiting on a call-back for questions. Have I mentioned yet how much I hate numbers, math, and figurin’? There’s 13 documents! I read them twice. My brain is seizing. A few things aren’t right, but articulating them in a coherent way… Pffft.  Be worried. I am.

My tiny Trailer is tore up! About half of each room is packed; the floor is trashed. The dog doesn’t fit in the living room anymore. The wagon train of stacked boxes is snaking its way to the kitchen…

Thus the chaos on all fronts is tweaking my anxiety. The needle is pegging on the high side. Got the shakes inside and out. I’m squirmy… And throw in a little numbness for good measure. Rarely do I take a Xanax; but it’s that kinda second Monday.

Friends and Confidantes, deep breath! Repeat after me, “I will ask all the questions, even if they sound dumb.”  Gma Auburn {Jen}


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