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The Energy Suck of Family Reunions

If I had ingrown nails on all my toes… and you told me I had to run a 5k, with a Radio Flyer strapped to my back…uphill…both ways, in a blizzard —

That’s just about equal to a 6+ hour round trip so Septua- and Octogenarians and their kin can mumble about crap that happened half a century ago {within earshot of each other}; while eating questionable potluck.

yellow flower closeYUP 0.o    – Took my Dad {2nd Elder}, Daughter and Granddaughter {Youngest present}. What was I thinkin’?

Where’s my sage, Friends and Confidantes? – Grandma Auburn {Jen}  Pinterest: Grandma Auburn Designs


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4 thoughts on “The Energy Suck of Family Reunions

  1. Oh hell, yes! I’ve been exceptionally clear that if there is ever a family reunion, I will cheerfully, and willingly be pet sitter to every cat, dog, guinea pig, hamster, horse, dragon or other pet to avoid spending time with them that has, and them that feels entitled. There’s a damned good reason very few people in my family I interact with!
    Sending you tons of sage, some obsidian, and maybe a little benadryl to slip into certain people’s morning coffee to mellow them out?

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