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Still Truckin’ and Summer Flowers

Blessings to you and yours, Friends and Confidantes; I’m back.

Sorry it’s been many months since the last post. I spent rough winter months bundled up; Did much personal journaling/inflection, working on new habits… and my Dad was hospitalized 3 times.

By Spring we became ‘Midwest Sequestered.” {well, except for Captain (Husband); He’s still trucking daily out of Indianapolis. And I’m a freak with Lysol Spray when he gets home. *We keep his truck supplied with wipes, etc also.}

How are you and yours? Are you at the at the crossroads; dilemma of classroom, online or home-schooling? We are leaning towards keeping the Granddaughter home for online Kindergarten. (Indiana, USA)

Are you looking after loved ones or elderly? I haven’t been in any stores (but 1 gas station) in 4 months due to being caregiver for my Dad. Are you home or workin’?   I ‘m back to dog watching and plant-watering jobs.

Have you discovered new hobbies? Puzzles, acrylic painting and and Facebook games take up some

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afternoons. I started seeds early on! Now have carrot, lettuce and cucumber plants! 🙂  We’ve had huge bouts of cleaning and rearranging furniture. There’s so much more open space now. (And that’s saying a lot for a 50 ft trailer.)

Side note: We are poised to resume house hunting in October.

Also, I’ve become a pro at making leftovers out of leftovers.

In closing, I’d like to stand on my tippy-toes and give you all a virtual HUG.  Let’s face it, we all need one. I missed you all 😉  Thanks for stopping by today. Let’s talk again soon  – Gma Auburn



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2 thoughts on “Still Truckin’ and Summer Flowers

  1. I’m in Southern California and we were doing good, headed in the right direction. Things were opening back up and my grandson’s school was set to offer classes 2 days a week on campus in the Fall. He goes to an autism specific school, smaller classes, speech therapy and occupational therapy as part of his overall learning.
    Anyway, summer hit and Idjits flocked to the bars and beaches and now we’re basically on lockdown again.

    I hope your Dad continues to improve!
    Sending virtual hugs back your way!

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    1. I hear ya, Indiana was maintaining till about 2 weeks ago. Did you ever think in our lifetime we’d dealing with a mess like this? I hope your community get safer sooner rather than later. We aren’t doing too terrible outside Indy. Sigh.

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