cropped-08110215102.jpgWelcome to Grandma Auburn’s – Color, Caffeine, and Craziness. A life long lover of words and creative introvert. I come here let out a sigh, a ramble on about the day… or tell a story.

You see, when one grows up in the “..seen but not heard” era, one listened to a lot of stories. Now I tell them.

There was always a moral, Friends and Confidantes. Those old-timers had their quirks and mannerisms. I’ve become the crazy old Grandma that sits on the Porch, fusses at kids and rescues animals. Can I offer you tea in a vintage cup?  Maybe I can give you a side-long glance of life’s “Tidbits” ** from a Midwest country girl at heart. An empath with a bi-polar twist 😉  Read my mental health story.

Did I loose ya, yet?

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–>>A writer, caregiver, home cook [and former massage therapist] -now a dabbling merch designer and dog walker. Married 30+ years.

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