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Still Truckin’ and Summer Flowers

Blessings to you and yours, Friends and Confidantes; I’m back.

Sorry it’s been many months since the last post. I spent rough winter months bundled up; Did much personal journaling/inflection, working on new habits… and my Dad was hospitalized 3 times.

By Spring we became ‘Midwest Sequestered.” {well, except for Captain (Husband); He’s still trucking daily out of Indianapolis. And I’m a freak with Lysol Spray when he gets home. *We keep his truck supplied with wipes, etc also.}

How are you and yours? Are you at the at the crossroads; dilemma of classroom, online or home-schooling? We are leaning towards keeping the Granddaughter home for online Kindergarten. (Indiana, USA)

Are you looking after loved ones or elderly? I haven’t been in any stores (but 1 gas station) in 4 months due to being caregiver for my Dad. Are you home or workin’?   I ‘m back to dog watching and plant-watering jobs.

Have you discovered new hobbies? Puzzles, acrylic painting and and Facebook games take up some

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afternoons. I started seeds early on! Now have carrot, lettuce and cucumber plants! 🙂  We’ve had huge bouts of cleaning and rearranging furniture. There’s so much more open space now. (And that’s saying a lot for a 50 ft trailer.)

Side note: We are poised to resume house hunting in October.

Also, I’ve become a pro at making leftovers out of leftovers.

In closing, I’d like to stand on my tippy-toes and give you all a virtual HUG.  Let’s face it, we all need one. I missed you all 😉  Thanks for stopping by today. Let’s talk again soon  – Gma Auburn

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The Energy Suck of Family Reunions

If I had ingrown nails on all my toes… and you told me I had to run a 5k, with a Radio Flyer strapped to my back…uphill…both ways, in a blizzard —

That’s just about equal to a 6+ hour round trip so Septua- and Octogenarians and their kin can mumble about crap that happened half a century ago {within earshot of each other}; while eating questionable potluck.

yellow flower closeYUP 0.o    – Took my Dad {2nd Elder}, Daughter and Granddaughter {Youngest present}. What was I thinkin’?

Where’s my sage, Friends and Confidantes? – Grandma Auburn {Jen}  Pinterest: Grandma Auburn Designs

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Camping part 2 -Bacon, Marshmallows and a Trail Run

Even after our tumble, {<-camping pt 1} — I managed a short trail run with Rosey! She was a fluid black streak, and my rusty muscles where saying “Oh My Gawwwwd! Slow down!” {Once upon a time I loved to run trails. I think she’s literally dragging me into it again.}

Z and I had adventures with walnuts and wishing on stars. Campfire tending, petting other dogs and “How to give Grandma a heart attack on the Razor scooter; downhill 0.0 ”

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Rosey sits at the picnic table for breakfast. #campingwithcollies
Hubby’s shirt says, “How to pick up chicks” HA! #TSC #trucker #Bacon #camping #Indiana
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Gratuitous Hoarding Pics!

Subtitled: Work interrupted by chaos and phone calls.

My OFFICE situation begets my mindset. Scattered, mixed-up, white noise in material form. It’s the only room I’ve haven’t started packing yet.  Small room, big angst.

Just a peek! The totes are on top of a dresser. And that’s full too. There’s 2 more bookshelves, the floor-OMG! There’s even a circular saw… you get the idea. 0.o

Friends and Confidantes, {and LIZ!} What is the ONE ROOM that’s the thorn in your paw? –Grandma Auburn **Office packing WILL begin tonight, for sure. *||*Free Shipping is still available before Halloween in my stores:  >Grandma’s Holiday Store< CODE: FALLFORALL Thanks for looking! #halloween #hoodies #christmasdesigns

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