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Still Truckin’ and Summer Flowers

Blessings to you and yours, Friends and Confidantes; I’m back.

Sorry it’s been many months since the last post. I spent rough winter months bundled up; Did much personal journaling/inflection, working on new habits… and my Dad was hospitalized 3 times.

By Spring we became ‘Midwest Sequestered.” {well, except for Captain (Husband); He’s still trucking daily out of Indianapolis. And I’m a freak with Lysol Spray when he gets home. *We keep his truck supplied with wipes, etc also.}

How are you and yours? Are you at the at the crossroads; dilemma of classroom, online or home-schooling? We are leaning towards keeping the Granddaughter home for online Kindergarten. (Indiana, USA)

Are you looking after loved ones or elderly? I haven’t been in any stores (but 1 gas station) in 4 months due to being caregiver for my Dad. Are you home or workin’?   I ‘m back to dog watching and plant-watering jobs.

Have you discovered new hobbies? Puzzles, acrylic painting and and Facebook games take up some

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afternoons. I started seeds early on! Now have carrot, lettuce and cucumber plants! 🙂  We’ve had huge bouts of cleaning and rearranging furniture. There’s so much more open space now. (And that’s saying a lot for a 50 ft trailer.)

Side note: We are poised to resume house hunting in October.

Also, I’ve become a pro at making leftovers out of leftovers.

In closing, I’d like to stand on my tippy-toes and give you all a virtual HUG.  Let’s face it, we all need one. I missed you all 😉  Thanks for stopping by today. Let’s talk again soon  – Gma Auburn

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Mum’s the Word

Does it feel like early Autumn where you are, Friends and Confidantes? Indiana weather has been cool enough to open the windows. 🙂 Walnuts are falling. Mums are blooming. I’ve frozen tomato sauces, R.T. has a new chicken recipe to post, and Hubby has frozen his jalapeno popper experiments. HA!{But that’s another post.}

Other news at the Tiny Trailer: I don’t wanna jinx it, but I’m keepin’ all the plates spinnin’.  😉 Although moving is at a stand-still for a few more weeks, months; I’ve made progress in the clutter department. Reclaimed the bedroom, living room and half the kitchen! The office hoard has been paired-down by 3 boxes so far.

WAH: They say step out of your comfort zone– so I did. I put a couple of my flower pictures on posters, canvas and blankets. I’m undecided if they’re bold, strange, funky, weird, colorful or crappy…  but they were fun to design 🙂  Lemme know what you think! Sneak Peak: Blossoms1 Fleece Blanket and Pink Rose1.     **Final days for Promo Code: FALLFORALL  {US} or FALL19 {EU}    –Gma Auburn {Jen}

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Camping part 2 -Bacon, Marshmallows and a Trail Run

Even after our tumble, {<-camping pt 1} — I managed a short trail run with Rosey! She was a fluid black streak, and my rusty muscles where saying “Oh My Gawwwwd! Slow down!” {Once upon a time I loved to run trails. I think she’s literally dragging me into it again.}

Z and I had adventures with walnuts and wishing on stars. Campfire tending, petting other dogs and “How to give Grandma a heart attack on the Razor scooter; downhill 0.0 ”

Thanks for stopping by today Friends and Confidantes. Need a Hiking Hoodie this fall? Get yours here with free shipping. “HIKE” Code: FALLFORALL HIKE Trails Hoodie

Rosey sits at the picnic table for breakfast. #campingwithcollies
Hubby’s shirt says, “How to pick up chicks” HA! #TSC #trucker #Bacon #camping #Indiana
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Camping Part 1- Dog Tales

I took a tumble … here’s my scary dog tale – Friday

Nosey Rosey Border Collie Face
Tired Rosey post camping nap.

The scene… I was flying down Hwy 136. The van is packed to the gills with gear. Jasper the Fat Housecat is in his crate, ridin’ shotgun.  Rosey is on the middle floorboard with only her collar on. {No harness because it had already snapped when she bolted as I was trying to load her in.} …As I rounded a curve, she shimmied under the driver’s seat and came up between my legs.

Now I’m only 4ft 10 1/2in tall. I drive with a pillow to reach the pedals anyway; so a 30 pound dog wedged in does NOT help matters.  0.0

At that point {thank Goddess no cars around} I coasted to the next country road while petting her. She sat still till I got the van half way off the pavement in the tall grass. Parked, then with a death grip on her collar, I shuffled her out and around to the opposite sliding door.

THAT’S WHEN she pulled us both into a 4 foot drainage ditch!! Aaahhh! Ass over applecart into the thick saw grass.

But I never let go of that damn collar. We broke each other’s fall. I didn’t break any bones. A few scratches. Caught my breath, then I let her pull me up the embankment! Finally got her secured in the backseat on the second try.

WHEW! Friends and Confidantes that was an adventure – before the adventure with Z ever started. Camping part 2 here.  #bordercollie #camping #Indiana #grandparents